Throughout literary history, elephants have been archetypes of strength, wisdom and majesty. From Rudyard Kipling (The Jungle Book) to Laurent de Brunhoff (Babar), writers have used elephants as inspirational heroes and heroines who overcome vast odds to triumph.

My own personal hero is my mom, a public relations maven who started her own firm in Thailand, where I was born. She built a successful business that would be impressive by today’s standards, but was nothing short of remarkable in the “Mad Men”-esque industry of the 1960s.

With my mom’s guidance and my own determination, I’ve grown Studio M to the intelligent design firm it is today. My work is inspired by the vibrant color, exotic landscapes and supremely original experiences of life in Thailand – where it wasn’t a rare occurrence to see an elephant cross your path.

The elephant in our logo not only pays tribute to my mother and my birthplace but also reminds us at Studio M to be wise in our branding strategy, mighty in our creative execution and awe-inspiring in the work we produce for our clients.
Why there’s an elephant on our logo