Compelling design that resonates with your target market. Combined with a deep understanding of today’s business realities and a dedication to helping you make a purposeful impact. It’s at the heart of Studio M.

We work with a wide array of organizations on a diverse range of projects. So whether you need help with a single project or an on-going, comprehensive campaign, Studio-M’s nimble approach lets us jump right in – and get to work. Every assignment is spearheaded by our Creative Director, and produced by an expert team of experienced, dedicated professionals customized to your needs. The result? Impactful projects with a practical eye towards the bottom line.

Brand Identity/Logos

Drilling down to your organization’s core.
Finding out who you are.
And what you stand for.

Studio M helps you do it brilliantly — and consistently. We work with your team to uncover the most important aspects of your company, the unique things you have to offer and your most important target market. Then together, we craft a unique, memorable and symbolic identity mark that reveals the spirit of your brand.


Beautiful print design speaks volumes to your customers. Through your marketing materials, collateral, annual reports, billboards, business cards and letterhead. Our expertise with printing process and long-term relationships with our favorite printers makes for stellar end results.


Surf stopping visuals. The kind of eye-catching designs that make web users stop, look — and pay attention to your message. It’s imperative in the frenetic world of the web. Studio M designs stand-out websites and digital visuals, including online ads and e-messaging.


We delight in designing large scale graphics for interior and exterior built spaces. Working with your architects and interior designers, or directly with you, we help you create a concept and designs that delight your audience.


Creating “great TV” is one of Studio M’s greatest strengths. When it comes to broadcast visuals, we do it all. From complete visual design packages for television stations, to graphics for local and national spots. We’re proud to have been recognized multiple times with national and international awards. And we’re excited to see what we can create for you.