Smart Design.
Delightful Solutions.

Stellar design is the sum of compelling content and an inspired visual style that delights your audience. Studio M uses strategic design thinking to create engaging experiences for print, online, and built environments. We believe that design matters, especially when it impacts our world in a positive way.

We are your true creative partner and resource. As serial optimists, we collaborate with you to discover smart and impactful solutions with boundless enthusiasm along the way. We are where purpose and passion blend.

Why is there an elephant in our logo?

From Laurent de Brunhoff (Babar) to Rudyard Kipling (The Jungle Book), writers have used elephants as inspirational archetypes of strength, wisdom, majesty — and the elegant style that only Babar can carry off.
The elephant reminds us to be wise in our branding strategy, mighty in our creative execution and awe-inspiring in the work we produce for our clients.
Studio M’s work is informed
by the vibrant color, exotic landscapes and supremely original experiences of Kate’s childhood in Thailand — where it wasn’t a rare occurrence to see an elephant cross your path.
Our founder’s personal hero is her mom, a public relations maven who started her own firm in Thailand. She built a business that would be impressive by today’s standards, but was nothing short of remarkable in the “Mad Men”-esque industry of the 1960s. The illustrated elephant in her logo inspired the one in Studio M’s.